Konferensie van Vinyard in Kaapstad

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Die VBO taakspan bring graag hierdie konferensie van Vinyard onder ons predikante se aandag. Die taakspan moedig predikante aan om sover moontlik óók konferensies en kursusse van ons ekumeniese vennote by te woon. In die uitleef van ons missionale roeping is dit belangrik dat ons blootelling kry van ander kerke en groepe.”





Wie is Craig Keener?

Hy is opgelei as historikus van die klassieke Grieks-Romeinse tydperk. Hy was ‘n uitgesproke ateïs, maar het tot geloof gekom nadat hy uitgedaag is om die Bybel met ‘n oop gemoed te lees. Hy het by ‘n Pinksterkerk aangesluit en in Nuwe Testament studeer, en daarna gespesialiseer in Grieks-Romeinse en Joodse letterkunde van ongeveer 450 vC tot 250 nC. Sy kennis van die literatuur van hierdie tydperk, wat die konteks is van die Nuwe Testament, is ongeëwenaard – hy word gereeld na verwys as ‘n lopende ensiklopedie!

Daarom skryf Craig Kube en Ricky Cupido, die koördineerders van  Vineyard Western Cape ‘n brief wat hier onder volg, en wat hulle afsluit met:

The conference will run each day from 1 to 5pm, and 7 to 9.30 pm (so maybe sleep late on those two days!)

Pawn your watch, sell your car, drive, Uber, ride a bike, walk or crawl – but get there!

Dear Pastor

Please SAVE the DATES 3 -4 AUGUST for an exciting 2-day conference with Dr. CRAIG KEENER hosted by Vineyard Western Cape.

Expect more details to follow soon!!!

Below is a blurb from Costa Mitchell, National Director of Vineyard Churches SA endorsing this EPIC conference and motivating you why you should not miss out on this important event!!!


One of the distinctives of the Vineyard, and notably of John Wimber, was a natural blending of Spirit and Truth, or experience and theology. Wimber always said of himself “I want to be evangelical in theology, but Pentecostal in practice.” In the same spirit, we are honoured for the opportunity to host a Vineyard colleague, Dr. Craig Keener, for a two day conference on 3 and 4 August in Cape Town.

What you will discover by attending this conference is the blend of passionate commitment to God’s Presence and Power, and resulting encounter with God, together with rigorous scholarship and communication of truth. All of this in a package of humility and self-deprecating humour and thrilling personal story.

Wheaton’s Gary Burge, commenting on the Christianity Today book awards for 2016, when Craig Keener’s Four Volume Commentary on Acts of the Apostles won the CT Book Award in biblical studies, wrote:

“Keener is a scholar with gifts that come along once every century, and here we see them employed in full force. Words like encyclopedicmagisterial, and epic come to mind when you examine 4,000 carefully argued pages on every aspect of the Book of Acts. Nothing like this has ever been done—and it’s doubtful that anything like it will be done for a long time. Keener has a grasp of the ancient world like few scholars anywhere, but he also has a heart for the church and its mission.”

You can read more about Dr. Keener’s personal conversion from atheism at http://www.salvomag.com/new/articles/salvo41/the-miracle-writer.php.

Other details of his CV are on the website www.craigkeenerconference.co.za or on the Facebook page “Craig Keener in South Africa”.


Klankopnames Missionale Konferensie

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Ons was bevoorreg dat die sprekers wat tydens die Missionale Konferensie van 15-16 Mei opgetree het, se toesprake tog opgeneem kon word, en as klank-opnames (‘pod-casts’) van dropbox afgelaai kan word. 

Ons plak graag weer die skakels na die powerpoint-aanbiedings hier:

Ecclesiology in the New Testament – Prof Marius Nel : NT Ecclesiology – Marius Nel

Response from a 21st century unban context – Rev Ralph Afghan: A Missional Re-imagining of the Church – 21st Century – R Afghan

Luther – Rev Felix Meylahn: PP for Luther’s Ecclesiology – Meylahn

Ecclesiology in the Reformation  – Dr Coenie Burger: Missional Ecclesiology_Coenie Burger

Calvin – Prof Robert Vosloo: A Church that looks in the mirror – RR Vosloo

‘Why be church differently?’‘Being church differently: what can and can’t we change?’ and  ‘Handing the church over’ – Dr Michael Moynach: South Africa 2017. Three Lectures – M Moynach

Ecclesial Re-imagination of the missionary movement in Africa? – Prof Klippies Kritzinger: Reimagining mission – Klippies Kritzinger

A Missional Re-imagination of the Church Order – Prof Nelus Niemandt: Kerkorde en missionale kerk Nelus Niemandt

Staatskaping : Verklaring van die SARK

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Gemeentes kan gerus hierdie belangwekkende verklaring van die SARK deel op hulle gemeenteblaaie of ‘n kopie daarvan beskikbaar maak vir gemeentelede om te lees.

Dit is uiters noodsaaklik dat gemeentes ingelig word tov die stem van die ekumeniese kerk oor staatskaping in ons land.


State of Capture: Much More Than Corruption

“Our experience had made us acutely aware of the possible dangers of a government that is neither
transparent nor accountable. To this end our Constitution contains several mechanisms to ensure
that government will not be part of the problem” – Nelson Mandela, 1996 –


The Power Elite Anchored at the Top

• “If it were up to me and I made the rules, I would ask for six months as a dictator. You would
see wonders, South Africa would be straight. That’s why if you give me six months, and allow Zuma
to be a dictator, you would be amazed. Absolutely. Everything would be straight. Right now to make
a decision you need to consult. You need a resolution, decision, collective petition, Yoh! It’s a
lot of work.”
– President Zuma, July 2016.

7 Ways The President’s Power-Elite Undermines the State

1. Securing control over state wealth, through the capture of state- owned companies by
chronically weakening their governance and operational structures.
2. Securing control over the public service by weeding out skilled professionals.
3. Securing access to rent-seeking opportunities by shaking down regulations to their advantage,
and to the disadvantage of South Africans.
4. Securing control over the country’s fiscal sovereignty.
5. Securing control over strategic procurement opportunities by intentionally weakening key
technical institutions and formal executive processes.
6. Securing a loyal intelligence and security apparatus.
7. Securing parallel governance and decision-making structures that undermine the executive.

Die Verklaring sluit af met die volgende:

#7 of 7: Undermining of Collective Political Institutions in the Executive

There appears to be concerted efforts underway that undermine collective political institutions in
the Executive, including Cabinet. It appears that critical decisions are delegated to handpicked
groups, masked as Inter-Ministerial Committees, that are able to function in an unaccountable
manner. Recent examples include:
• The IMC on Banks (purportedly set up to investigate the regulations and legislation that govern
them, but strangely chaired by Mines Minister Mosebenzi Zwane and set up after the Bank’s closed
the Gupta bank accounts);
• The IMC on Communication, unusually chaired by the President;
• The National Nuclear Energy Co-ordination Committee (NNEECC), as already
stated above, and chaired by President Zuma.
The nature of IMC’s is that in and of themselves they lack transparency, in that they do not report
to Parliament (which individual members of Cabinet are required to do) and they are not formulated
in legislation (as is the case of formal Cabinet Structures).
In essence, we must ask the question whether Cabinet is still able to function as a
forum for honest deliberation on matters of public policy.

Om die hele dokument af te laai, kliek hier: Final MEDIA SACC presentation


BAM Cafe Stellenbosch

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AIM South Africa (AIM-ZA) is hosting a BAM Café at the Hofmeyrsaal Foyer in Stellenbosch on Monday 22 May at 9h00.

We would like to expose Christian business & sports people to the opportunities there are to impact the un-reached of Africa with the Gospel and bless their respective communities with their business & entrepreneurial skills. For most of these Creative Access Nations (CANs) , the traditional way of sending cross cultural workers is not possible.

We have invited a consultant to businesses in CAN areas, Walt M, to be the speaker at our first BAM Café. He will explain the concept of Business as Mission and the opportunities for South African Business people in various areas of business like tourism, agriculture, import & export, educational services etc. We do not use full names of the speakers because of the sensitive nature of their work.  For sports people, come and hear how X-fit is being used to reach the un-reached.

Gerhard Pietersen  our new director will host the event.

It is important to RSVP for catering requirements. We don’t want you to miss out on your cup of coffee!

RSVP: Marlene at Marlene.
See the invitation here: Event invite-BAM 2

Together for the Kingdom

Marlene G ( CX mobiliser)

Winterskool 2017

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 Hervorming van die Kerk,


en Mense


Die Winterskool wat jaarliks deur die Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit Stellenbosch, aangebied word, vind vanjaar van Dinsdag 13 Junie tot Donderdag 15 Junie plaas en handel oor die tema Hervorming van die Kerk, Samelewing en Mense.

In die lig van die 500-jarige viering van die Hervorming sal die Winterskool van 2017 kyk na die behoefte aan ‘n deurlopende hervorming van die kerk, samelewing en mense. Die fokus sal wees op wat ons van die Hervorming kan leer, maar ook op besprekings van hoe ons kan voortgaan om nuwe maniere te soek om kerk te wees in ‘n vinnig veranderende samelewing.

Die hoofsprekers is:

  • Dr Ishmael Noko, president van die Inter-geloofsaksie vir Vrede in Afrika,
  • Regter Steven Majiedt, regter van die Hooggeregshof van Appèl en
  • Dr Margaret Blackie, dosent aan die Departement Chemie en Polimeerwetenskap, Universiteit Stellenbosch.

Die hoofsessies sal aangevul word met ‘n wye reeks verwante parallelle sessies.

Let asseblief daarop dat, as gevolg van die ekumeniese aard van die konferensie, Engels die hooftaal van aanbieding sal wees.

Die Winterskool vind plaas by die Fakulteit Teologie, Dorpstraat 171, Stellenbosch.

Die koste beloop R350 vir die volle kursus.

Kliek hier vir die inskrywingsvorm:  WinterSchoolRegistrationForm2017

en hier vir die program:  WinterSchool 2017Winterskool

Die sluitingsdatum vir registrasie is Vrydag 2 Junie 2017.


Helette van der Westhuizen, tel: 021 808 9560; e-pos: hvdwest@sun.ac.za

Divine Robertson, tel: 021 808 2827; e-pos: dr@sun.ac.za

Wilma le Roux, tel: 021 808 3624; e-pos: wler@sun.ac.za

Marita Snyman, tel: 021 808 2538; e-pos: maritasnyman@sun.ac.za

Winterskool 2016 laat ons dink …

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 Winterskool 2016

 Tuiste of nie?


Die afgelope Wintereskool by die Fakulteit Teologie op Stellenbosch is bygewoon deur ongeveer 225 persone uit meer as 20 verskillende denominasies en geloofstradisies. Daar is gepraat, geluister, geleer en gekuier rondom die tema van ‘n Tuiste vir almal – die toekoms van die Christendom en ons jeug in Afrika.

Hier onder is ‘n paar fotos en indrukke van enkele konferensiegangers,  asook ‘n samevatting oor die 3 dae wat gemaak is deur Danie O’Kennedy.

#WinterSchool16 @theologystel is starting today. Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising – asking the questions ‘Is South Africa a home for us all?’ ‘How can we help to make SA a home for us all?’ Prof Bosman, Dr Theron, Ms Wiid, Re Geja in this picture. — with Dewald HoffmannBruce Theron and Hendrik Bosman at Faculty of Theology.  Prof Bosman
 Rev Geja  Rev Nkosinathi Geja leading the morning devotion on the prodigal children and the welcoming parent. Is the Church’s body language one that is open to the world in love? Looking towards the world, running to embrace, opening a home of blessing for all. The Church should not be inward looking, it should not be stationary, it should not be exclusive, but a welcoming place for all! — at Faculty of Theology.
Rev Esmé Bowers is the opening keynote speaker @TheologyStel #Winterschool16 , sharing her inspiring and challenging story of being faithful to the whole Gospel, for the whole world, through the whole Church. As a pastor, activist, mother, community leader and disciple she invited the conference members to discover their calling, to live with faithfulness and courage in the current time. Deeply challenging and very inspiring. In the last 40 years she has been part of many significant movements and challenges in the Church and society. Simple acts of courage and faithfulness, and even a willingness to ‘swim against the tide’ have achieved much for the common good! — at Faculty of Theology.  Esme Bowers 2
 Esme Bowers  

Rev Esmé Bowers Winter School – The church needs to have a heart for all!

 Two young activists @qina_qina and @eksjaco helping us to understand and reflect upon current student and youth movements of justice and transformation. ‪#‎winterschool16  Qina
 Pieter Grove  Rev Pieter Grove speaking on 1976 then and now. He was jailed as a high school pupil in 1976 for activities related to student activism. We are thinking about the issues then, and the issues now. So much has changed, but very little is different! We still struggle with race, economics, class, gender, exclusion and distrust. His reflection helps me to gain some insight into the politics of impatience and the politics of identity among students today. We have much work to do to engage the ongoing injustice that still exists with unequal education – what has changed 40 years on? — with Pieter Grove at Faculty of Theology.
 Lovelyn Nwadeyi speaks at the Winter School and challenges the church as having a too ritualistic religion and for commodifying salvation. This while the church is silent on socioeconomic and sociopolitical matters. Engage young people and question prevailing traditional orthodox beliefs. Micah – what does the Lord require of us?  Lovelyn Nwadeyi
 Lovelyn Nwayedi speaks  #winterschool Lovelyn Nwadeyi “church cannot continue as usual in unusual times”
 Prof Brian O’Connel “Industrial output, pollution and population are up, while resources and food are diminishing. The church on its own cannot succeed. A deep cultural change for sustainability is needed. Our culture is not energetic and inquisitive enough. This calls for greater creativity in a changing environment.” Wow!  Prof Brian O Connel

Danie deel sy indrukke as volg:

Die eerste is dat ons verskeie versillende stemme gehoor het in die 3 dae. Sommiges het ons ongemaklik laat voel, sommiges het ons getroos en ander het ons geïnspireer. Een van die belangrikste dinge in enige huis is dat ons moet tyd maak om na mekaar te luister. Danie sê dat hy bevoorreg was om rond te stap en by baie van die sessies wat aangebied is, in te loer. Daarom kan hy ‘n paar indrukke met ons deel.

Tuiste vir Almal?

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Die Fakulteit Teologie aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch, in samewerking met Communitas, Ekklesia  en die Beyers Naudé-Sentrum vir Publieke Teologie bied jaarliks ​​‘n Winterskool aan vir predikante en pastors van verskeie denominasies, studente en akademici van verskillende godsdienstige en teologiese instansies, en mense uit verskillende vlakke van die lewe.

Ons is in die beplanningsfase van die 2016 Winterskool met die tema:

‘n Tuiste vir Almal – Die toekoms van die Christendom en ons jeug in Afrika.

Dit vind plaas van 31 Mei – 2 Junie 2016.

Ons is baie bewus daarvan dat daar op hierdie oomblik verskillende groepe is wat nie tuis voel in Suid-Afrika of sekere dele van Suid-Afrika nie. Dis nie hoe dit behoort te wees nie. Ons glo dat Christene in Suid-Afrika kan help om ‘n tuiste vir almal te skep. Ons glo dat die Bybel vir ons riglyne gee om ons visie te bereik. Ons glo dat die ouer geslag gesukkel het om hierdie visie van ‘n tuiste vir ons te leef, maar dat die jonger geslag ons hiermee kan help. In 1976 het ons die Soweto-opstand gehad waar baie jong mense geveg het vir ‘n beter onderwysstelsel en ‘n beter Suid-Afrika vir almal. Veertig jaar later kan ons die volgende vrae vra: Is Suid-Afrika ‘n tuiste vir almal? Wat is die rol van die kerk om ‘n tuiste vir almal te skep? Sal die kerk ‘n tuiste wees vir ons kinders en kleinkinders?

Die Winterskool bestaan ​​uit drie hoofredes met hoofsprekers, asook oggend parallelle sessies oor vyf verskillende onderwerpe geskeduleer oor drie dae, en middag parallelle sessies.

Die hoofredes sal fokus op die volgende onderwerpe:

  • Dag een sal fokus op die rol van die Christendom in die toekoms van ons land en kontinent – met as spreker Ds Esmé Bowers, van die Golgota Sanctuary van die Volle Evangelie Kerk;
  • Dag twee sal fokus op hoe die jong mense ons kan help om ‘n “tuiste vir almal” te skep – aangebeid deur Me Lovelyn Nwadeyi, nagraadse student in Politieke Wetenskap aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch;
  • Op dag drie sal ons fokus op onderwys en ‘n toekoms vir ons jeug – Prof Brian O’Connell, voormalige rektor en visekanselier van die UWK sal hierdie onderwerp dek.


  • Voortgesette Teologiese vorming van predikante en ander lidmate;
  • Versterking van die verhouding tussen die Fakulteit en verskillende kerke, en tussen die kerke onderling;
  • Bespreking van relevante teologiese en gemeentelike sake;
  • Om ‘n draer van hoop in SA wees.

Die finale program en registrasievorm sal in April 2016 beskikbaar wees op die webtuistes van die Fakulteit en Communitas: www.sun.ac.za/theology  en www.communitas.co.za


Helette van der Westhuizen (Tel: 021 808 9560, E-pos: hvdwest@sun.ac.za  of

Wilma le Roux (Tel: 021 808 3624, E-pos: wler@sun.ac.za