Het jy Geloofsonderskeiding?

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Geloofsonderskeiding in die praktyk

Geloofsonderskeiding is ʼn ou Christelike geloofsdissipline, maar moet nou nuut aangeleer word deur geestelike leiers en vergaderings wat in die modernisme gewoond geraak het om besluite te neem in die lig van rasionele argumente, navorsing, feite en verslae en dit as komende van God aan te bied. Die dramatiese inploffing van veral hoofstroomkerke en die aan die kaak stel van ooglopende foute wat voortdurend in kerklike besluitnemingsprosesse gemaak word (vergelyk die koloniale periode, die Bybelse verdediging van apartheid, die nuwe imperialisme, Walls 2002:84-115), daag geestelike leiers en vergaderings uit om nuut te besin en luisterend die teenwoordigheid van die drie-enige God op te soek.

Die werklikheid is dat gelowiges en gelowige akademici so deur modernisme beïnvloed is, dat ons nie oor die vaardigheid van geloofsonderskeiding beskik nie…

In die twee-dag kursus ‘Geloofsonderskeiding in die praktyk’ gaan die klem val op die in-oefening van geloofsonderskeidende praktyke wat nodig is in die begeleiding van

  • jou eie reis
  • in die begeleiding van individue
  • vir vergaderings en leiers
  • in die gemeenskap

Ons gaan kyk na die praktyke van elkeen van bogenoemde kontekste en dit prakties in-oefen.

Ons hoop dat die kursus jou sal bemagtig om meer vaardig te wees met geloofsonderskeidende leierskap in die gemeente

Waar: Communitas, Stellenbosch

Wanneer: 28-29 September

VBO-punte: 20

Skryf in voor of op 22 September

Inskrywingsvorm: VBO 8 Geloofsonderskeiding

Spiritual discernment is calling on the Holy Spirit to lead or give direction on a matter. It is how the Spirit shows the church or its people what God wants them to do and be.

There is discernment of:

  • gifts,
  • spirits,
  • actions,
  • intents,
  • the course of the times we live in.

Discernment is more than just a skill. Discernment is a gift from God before it is anything else. Yet there are clearly skills you can put to use when using your gift, and you can become better at it through training and experience.

Discernment is more than just a process. Even for the most ‘material’ or ‘nitty-gritty’ matters, there is a Spirit at work nudging us, leading us, even pulling us by the nose ring. Then again, even for the most ‘spiritual’ matters, there are disciplines, methods, processes, lessons, means, and tools which the Spirit can work through to help us discern rightly.

Discernment isn’t usually a sudden zap from beyond, but something which emerges from hard work and close attention.

Learn to discern. Yearn to discern.

Uit: http://www.spirithome.com/discernment.html

Sertifikaatkursus voltooi!

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certificate graduation2

Gevorderde Sertifikaat in Bedieningsvernuwing se eerste siklus voltooi!


Dit was met groot vreugde dat die drie VBO-instansies (Communitas/Ekklesia, Shepherd en Excelsus) die instelling van `n Gevorderde Sertifikaat in Bedieningsvernuwing aan die begin van 2014 aangekondig het. En op Donderdag 26 Augustus vanjaar het hierdie eerste groep die siklus van 9 kursusse voltooi!

Blaai na onder vir foto’s …

Winterskool 2016 laat ons dink …

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 Winterskool 2016

 Tuiste of nie?


Die afgelope Wintereskool by die Fakulteit Teologie op Stellenbosch is bygewoon deur ongeveer 225 persone uit meer as 20 verskillende denominasies en geloofstradisies. Daar is gepraat, geluister, geleer en gekuier rondom die tema van ‘n Tuiste vir almal – die toekoms van die Christendom en ons jeug in Afrika.

Hier onder is ‘n paar fotos en indrukke van enkele konferensiegangers,  asook ‘n samevatting oor die 3 dae wat gemaak is deur Danie O’Kennedy.

#WinterSchool16 @theologystel is starting today. Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising – asking the questions ‘Is South Africa a home for us all?’ ‘How can we help to make SA a home for us all?’ Prof Bosman, Dr Theron, Ms Wiid, Re Geja in this picture. — with Dewald HoffmannBruce Theron and Hendrik Bosman at Faculty of Theology.  Prof Bosman
 Rev Geja  Rev Nkosinathi Geja leading the morning devotion on the prodigal children and the welcoming parent. Is the Church’s body language one that is open to the world in love? Looking towards the world, running to embrace, opening a home of blessing for all. The Church should not be inward looking, it should not be stationary, it should not be exclusive, but a welcoming place for all! — at Faculty of Theology.
Rev Esmé Bowers is the opening keynote speaker @TheologyStel #Winterschool16 , sharing her inspiring and challenging story of being faithful to the whole Gospel, for the whole world, through the whole Church. As a pastor, activist, mother, community leader and disciple she invited the conference members to discover their calling, to live with faithfulness and courage in the current time. Deeply challenging and very inspiring. In the last 40 years she has been part of many significant movements and challenges in the Church and society. Simple acts of courage and faithfulness, and even a willingness to ‘swim against the tide’ have achieved much for the common good! — at Faculty of Theology.  Esme Bowers 2
 Esme Bowers  

Rev Esmé Bowers Winter School – The church needs to have a heart for all!

 Two young activists @qina_qina and @eksjaco helping us to understand and reflect upon current student and youth movements of justice and transformation. ‪#‎winterschool16  Qina
 Pieter Grove  Rev Pieter Grove speaking on 1976 then and now. He was jailed as a high school pupil in 1976 for activities related to student activism. We are thinking about the issues then, and the issues now. So much has changed, but very little is different! We still struggle with race, economics, class, gender, exclusion and distrust. His reflection helps me to gain some insight into the politics of impatience and the politics of identity among students today. We have much work to do to engage the ongoing injustice that still exists with unequal education – what has changed 40 years on? — with Pieter Grove at Faculty of Theology.
 Lovelyn Nwadeyi speaks at the Winter School and challenges the church as having a too ritualistic religion and for commodifying salvation. This while the church is silent on socioeconomic and sociopolitical matters. Engage young people and question prevailing traditional orthodox beliefs. Micah – what does the Lord require of us?  Lovelyn Nwadeyi
 Lovelyn Nwayedi speaks  #winterschool Lovelyn Nwadeyi “church cannot continue as usual in unusual times”
 Prof Brian O’Connel “Industrial output, pollution and population are up, while resources and food are diminishing. The church on its own cannot succeed. A deep cultural change for sustainability is needed. Our culture is not energetic and inquisitive enough. This calls for greater creativity in a changing environment.” Wow!  Prof Brian O Connel

Danie deel sy indrukke as volg:

Die eerste is dat ons verskeie versillende stemme gehoor het in die 3 dae. Sommiges het ons ongemaklik laat voel, sommiges het ons getroos en ander het ons geïnspireer. Een van die belangrikste dinge in enige huis is dat ons moet tyd maak om na mekaar te luister. Danie sê dat hy bevoorreg was om rond te stap en by baie van die sessies wat aangebied is, in te loer. Daarom kan hy ‘n paar indrukke met ons deel.

Spiritual Intelligence

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André Kilian het Brian Draper ontmoet kort nadat hy sy boek “Spiritual Intelligence, a new way of being” in 2011 gelees het. Hy skryf in our story : We had a soulful 2 hour conversation, sharing and connecting.  After that we regularly shared ideas via skype and I visited him again in 2014. The dream of hosting events together in South Africa was born.  We stumbled upon conversations about soulfulness and soulful living, shift that sometimes “just happens” in the moment, personal transformation and authenticity and how this is applied in organisations and in life.

André skryf verder: I really believe that the SHIFT HAPPENS 2016 week of events can aid conscious leadership and living. I am so grateful for the journey that started with a drop of water on that summer day in 2010 and hope that SHIFT HAPPENS 2016 will be an experience with Brian that will spark a unique journey in South Africa.

It is my hope that this journey will inspire, create networks and transform individuals and organisations by seizing meaningful moments together!


Ons bring dus graag die programme van Brian Draper oor Spiritual Intelligence wat olv André Kilian in September 2016 plaasvind onder jou aandag.

LW: Dag 2 wat spesifiek gemik is op predikante en pastors dra 4 VBO-punte, en die Retreat van dag 5 dra 6 VBO-punte.


1:            19 SEPTEMBER – Organisations

R1250 per person or R9000 per table for 8. Explore the impact of conscious and integrated leadership in the transformation of organisations.

2:            20 SEPTEMBER – Psychologists, coaches, psychiatrists, pastors & counsellors

R850 per person. Personal shift – explore the integration of spirituality into professional practice.

3:            21 SEPTEMBER – CEO’s & MD’s & Business owners

R3500 per person. Explore what soulful leadership looks like in your organisation.

4:            22 SEPTEMBER – Business community & Academia

Free entry. University of Stellenbosch Business School will host Brian Draper at their “Leader’s Angle” talk series.

5:            23 SEPTEMBER – Day Retreat. Open for all

R450 per person. A day retreat with Brian on Spiritual Intelligence and contemplative spirituality.


Vir meer inligting, gaan na http://shifthappens.org.za/events/   en kliek op die spesifieke event om meer daaroor te lees asook om in te skryf; of kliek op die video om meer te sien

Vir verdere navrae, kontak:  AndréKilian




A home for us all – the future of Christianity and our youth in Africa

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Winterskool 2016

Winterskool 2016


Die Winterskool wat jaarliks deur die Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit Stellenbosch, in samewerking met Communitas en Ekklesia aangebied word, vind vanjaar plaas van Dinsdag 31 Mei tot Donderdag 2 Junie 2016.

Die tema: A home for us all – the future of Christianity and our youth in Africa is baie aktueel vir die tyd waarin ons nou lewe.
 Ons is baie bewus daarvan dat daar tans verskillende groepe is wat ontuis voel in Suid-Afrika of sekere dele van Suid-Afrika. Dit is nie hoe dit hoort nie.
 Ons glo dat Christene in Suid-Afrika kan help om ‘n tuiste vir almal te skep.
 Ons glo dat die Bybelse waardes aan ons riglyne verskaf om ons visie te bereik.
 Ons besef dat die ouer geslag gesukkel het om hierdie visie van ‘n tuiste vir almal uit te leef, maar glo dat die jonger geslag ons daarmee kan help.
In 1976 het baie jong mense met die Soweto-opstande geveg vir ‘n beter onderwysstelsel en ‘n beter Suid-Afrika vir almal.
Veertig jaar later kan ons die volgende vrae vra:
• Is Suid-Afrika ‘n tuiste vir almal?
• Wat is die rol van die kerk om ‘n tuiste vir almal te skep? Sal die kerk ‘n tuiste vir ons kinders en kleinkinders wees?
Die hoofsprekers is
Ds Esmé Bowers, predikant van die Volle Evangelie Kerk en prinsipaal en direkteur van uitreike van “Happy Feet”,
Me Lovelyn Nwadeyi, nagraadse student in Politieke Wetenskap aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch, en
Prof Brian O’Connell, voormalige rektor en visekanselier van die Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland en voormalige hoof van die Wes-Kaapse Departement van Onderwys.

Talle parallelle sessies sal by die tema aansluit.
Vanweë die ekumeniese aard van die konferensie, sal Engels hoofsaaklik die taal van aanbieding wees.
Die Winterskool vind plaas by die Fakulteit Teologie, Dorpstraat 171, Stellenbosch.

Vir die volledige program, kliek hier: Winter School 2016 Home Print VersionDie koste beloop R350 vir die volle kursus; predikante en jeugwerkers kan egter inskryf teen ‘n spesiale subsidiefooi.
Om in te skryf, kliek hier: WinterskoolRegistrasievorm2016
Die sluitingsdatum vir registrasie is Vrydag 20 Mei 2016.

Helette van der Westhuizen, tel: 021 808 9560; e-pos: hvdwest@sun.ac.za
Wilma le Roux, tel: 021 808 3624; e-pos: wler@sun.ac.za

Narratiewe Terapie Werkswinkel

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Elize Morkel psychologist

David Epston, een van die vaders van Narratiewe Terapie, besoek Suid-Afrika in Junie en sal ‘n twee-dag werkswinkel in Somerset-Wes aanbied.

Aangesien soveel dominees oor die jare blootstelling aan Narratiewe terapie gehad het, wil Elize Morkel dit graag dit vir predikante moontlik maak om die geleentheid by te woon.

Predikante kan dus inskryf teen ‘n baie spesiale fooi van slegs R800 vir die hele werkswinkel.

Registreer asb op die gewone manier (registrasievorm op die webwerf soos hier heel onder aangedui), maar dui aan dat jy ‘n predikant is om die spesiale tarrief te betaal.

VBO-punte: 12

Epston David Epston co-founded narrative therapy.  He is known worldwide as a remarkably creative thinker and therapist.  David’s improvisational skills in the art and craft of asking therapeutic questions is unsurpassed and – his therapeutic letter writing abilities are rather mind blowing.

David is the recipient of numerous international therapy awards and honorary doctorates.  He is also the author of several books and articles about narrative therapy. When he isn’t away teaching therapy workshop around the globe, he splits his time between Auckland, New Zealand and his retreat on Waihiki Island (where he gardens and has been known to raise goats).

What is a Good Story?  And why do some stories trump others?

J.M. Coetzee, the South African Nobel Prize laureate for literature (2003) in The Good Story: Exchanges on truth, fiction and psychotherapy (2015) poses this question in his opening lines: “What are the qualities of a good (a plausible, even a compelling) story to live by?” This workshop will take this up, not in literary theory, put in the practice of narrative therapy. Surely Coetzee’s question lies at the heart of narrative therapy. Since this is not an English Lit class, how will we go about this? We will together watch the re-authoring of hopeless stories into dignifying and promising stories that reveal the moral character of its protagonists as they engage with Problems. We will begin watching edits of three meetings with 16 year old Justin and his parents. His prognosis by his medical advisors ‘promises’ him 5 more days to live. Our interest will be- ‘why did the counter-story that saw him ‘save’ his life ‘trump’ the unpromising story that he and his parents had lived according to for almost all his life? We will also ‘watch’ and explore what have come to be called ‘insider witnessing practices’ in which a counter-story is set against the Problem’s story so that the person might ‘see’ themselves differently.  David will do a live demonstration interview to ‘pull all this together’ into a viable practice for attendees to take home with them.

Workshop in Somerset West sponsored by Elize Morkel

Dates:  Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 June 2016

Venue:  DRC Helderberg, Somerset West

Workshop fees:  R2 500   Students: R1 250 (Teas and lunches included)

Special rates for early bird registration before 30 April 2016:  R2200  Students R1 100

Bank details:  E. Morkel; Absa – Somerset West; Account: 2900 560 713; Branch Code: 334 712

To register visit our website at http://elizemorkel.co.za/david-epston-somerset-west/

All activities will be accredited for CPD with HPCSA and SACSSP